Large Conveyor Chain Series& Sprockets

We have high level technology, experiences, and lots of past achievements in the field of Conveyor Chains. Especially for Cement, Steel, Fertilizer, Refinery andElectric Power plants the Conveyor Chains created from our originalConveyor Systems and its know-how have been widely used in many countries and received excellent reputations.

Standard Conveyor Chain

  • Available in a variety of dimensions, strength, material and heat treatment
  • Extensive selection of attachments which can be used for a broad range of application.

Bucket Elevator Chain

  • Specialty chain for continuous discharge type Bucket Elevator in vertical operation, which has superior durability and longer life performance.
  • For two series of Bucket Elevators: NE Type for regular speed & NSE Type for high speed

Continuous Flow Conveyor Chain & Chain for Dust Conveyor

  • Specialty chain with blades for flowing a powder or a dust in the same feeding direction of the chain.

Mega X-Ring Chain (Sealed Chain)

  • X-Ring Chain for Large Conveyor
  • Recommended for severe circumstances and maintenance-free to be necessary.

DK Conveyor Chain Sprocket

  • Smooth engagement and accurate feeding with Large Conveyor Chains
  • Consult us for segmental sprocket, which could reduce your maintenance cost and downtime.

Dr. Window (One-Touch Inspection Door for Conveyor)

  • Easy Installation / Easy open & close function.
  • Available 3 types ; Standard / High-neck / Deposit prevention type
  • Stainless Steel Lever, Chloroprene Rubber for Sealing (Packing), as standard specification.